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If you have registered for the ECR 2020 onsite event in March, you are automatically registered for the ECR 2020 Online congress (July 15-19, 2020) and for the ECR 2021 onsite event in Vienna (March 3-7, 2021).

This includes: 

  • Live access and the possibility to collect CME credits during ECR 2020 Online
  • Access to the ECR 2020 Virtual Exhibition (until July 21, 2020)
  • On-demand access to ECR 2020 Online until December 31, 2020
  • Live and on-demand access to all ECR 2020 Highlight weeks taking place between July 19 - December 31, 2020

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ECR 2020 Online Highlight Weeks

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The ECR 2020 Highlight Weeks will take place from July until the beginning of December. Each week is dedicated to exploring a specific set of carefully chosen topics. The Highlight Weeks are freely accessible to all ECR 2020 participants and can be joined by logging into ESR Connect.


Highlight Week: Artificial Intelligence

Explore new radiological developments in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Discover how this exciting field can be applied to daily practice and what benefits this evolving domain may offer in the future.

Highlight Week: Abdominal and Gastrointestinal / Genitourinary

Participate in this fascinating series of sessions that will take you through the essentials of imaging the abdomen and the gastrointestinal and genitourinary systems. Refresh yourself on the fundamentals of radiological anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis and learn about the various cancers found in these regions of the body, as well as the most recent innovations in imaging and treatment options.

Highlight Week: Musculoskeletal / Neuro / Head and Neck

Explore the unique elements and complexities that go into imaging the various sections of the body. Discover the ailments most commonly found throughout the musculoskeletal system, the latest developments in neural lesion treatment and neurological imaging, and the anatomy and methods for improving treatment outcomes when imaging the head and neck.

Highlight Week: Cardiovascular / Chest

Partake in a detailed exploration of imaging and intervention in the field of cardiovascular and chest radiology. Review the anatomy of the chest and vascular system, how best to structure a report when imaging the thoracic region, and the modalities and treatment options used in thrombosis management. Discover the latest techniques in cardiac CT and the management of lung nodules.

Highlight Week: EuroSafe Imaging: Radiation Protection and Patient Safety

Explore the crucial work being done to ensure the health and safety of patients undergoing imaging procedures using ionizing radiation as well as of imaging professionals. Next to this year’s focus on radiation protection in paediatric imaging, advances in the development of clinical diagnostic reference levels, dose management systems, as well as the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in dose optimisation, will be explored. In addition, ESR Patient Advisory Group representatives will discuss patient expectations regarding AI in radiology and present innovative tools to improve the communication between radiologists and patients.

Highlight Week: Paediatric / Children in Focus

Become familiar with the unique challenges faced in paediatric radiology and the prevailing conditions and imaging strategies used within this field. The Children in Focus sessions detail the complex issues involved in the treatment of children from low-resource areas and in various parts of the world.

Highlight Week: Radiographers / Physics in Medical Imaging

Engage in this enlightening series of sessions that puts the spotlight on the vital work of radiographers as well as exploring the world of physics in medical imaging. Take a tour of radiography through the modalities, including radiotherapy, through safety issues, and a collection of different countries. Gain an insight into the importance of radiographer research and publishing. Get a better understanding of computed tomography management and optimisation, and discover the current trends in digital radiography, interventional radiography, and ultrahigh-field MRI.

Highlight Week: Interventional and Emergency Imaging

Explore the absorbing fields of interventional and emergency imaging, from the best tips and tricks in the management of embolisation to the latest innovations in ultrasound-guided intervention procedures. This collection of sessions provides a thorough examination on stroke diagnosis, workup, and treatment, and looks at what strategies may be used for stroke thrombectomy in the future.

Highlight Week: Professional Issues: from Education to Research

Take a deep dive into the many aspects that go into developing a radiological career, from the undergraduate level through each professional stage, covering such topics as quality and standards, research and reporting, education and academia, and the challenges facing the radiological workforce.

Highlight Week: Breast / Hybrid Imaging / Oncological Imaging

Examine the vital role radiology plays in the diagnosis and management of breast and oncological conditions, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of hybrid imaging throughout the field of radiology. Familiarise yourself with the identification and interventional treatment options of a wide variety of cancers throughout the body systems, and learn about the recent developments in breast ultrasound and advancements in clinical hybrid imaging.


ECR 2020 Book of Abstracts

All abstracts accepted for ECR 2020 can be found in the Book of Abstracts.

The ECR 2020 Book of Abstracts is published by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and summarises the presentations that were accepted to be held at the European Congress of Radiology 2020 (programme status as per January 31, 2020). Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the meeting originally planned for March 2020 could not be held. 



Book of Abstracts

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ECR 2020 Opening Ceremony

Watch ECR 2020 Opening Ceremony


The upcoming European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2020), which took place July 15–19, 2020 in Vienna, enchanted the audience of its Opening Ceremony with a spectacular performance.

The ECR 2020 Opening Ceremony operated under the motto ‘Adagio’, lending this expression from the world of music to set an atmosphere of slow tempo, graceful movements and a leisurely manner. A dark-hued setting and a monochrome stage, interspersed with miniature elements in brilliant colours, provided an inimitable ambience and drew the focus on what lies at the heart of a successful medical meeting – top-notch science and the people behind it.

L’uomo vitruviano or the Vitruvian Man, one of the most iconic images in the world of medicine and healthcare, featured in the introduction to the European Society of Radiology’s annual meeting. Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing depicted a man in two superimposed positions, representing ideal human body proportions. The picture demonstrates the blend of mathematics and art and is considered a cornerstone of Leonardo’s attempts to relate man to nature. As such, it perfectly exemplifies the core of the art of medicine, which always strives to combine the latest research, the most novel technology and medicine’s commitment to humanism and care. A reference to this work of art and his creator, the epitome of universal genius, seems to be the appropriate aperture for a congress that prides itself on its innovative spirit and superior science.

The well-known Greek-German stage director Sarantos Georgios Zervoulakos was won over to orchestrate the ECR 2020 Opening Ceremony. As a traveller between worlds, as a former medical student who became an acclaimed stage director at a young age, cherishing both his Greek ancestry and the German-speaking regions where he realises most of his work, Zervoulakos was the perfect choice to create a conference opening that combines science and art in an inimitable way.

In good ECR tradition, music played a major part in the Opening Ceremony, featuring the popular Croatian pianist and singer-songwriter Lana Janjanin, who was supported by a big band orchestra that brightened everybody’s mood with their rhythm and swing.

ECR 2020’s second underlying motto, ‘Be a tree’, was also visible and perceptible throughout the Opening Ceremony.


Wiener Symphoniker
Symphony No. 9

Opening Speech

Boris Brkljačić, ESR Chairman of the Board of Directors

Music by Lana Janjanin and band 

Presentation of ESR Honorary Membership

Dante R. Casale Menier, Ciudad Juarez/Mexico

Yi-Hong Chou, Taipei/Taiwan, Chinese Taipei

Valerie P. Jackson, Tucson/AZ, USA

Presentation of the ESR Gold Medal

Richard FitzGerald, Wolverhampton/United Kingdom

Jim A. Reekers, Amsterdam/Netherlands

Katrine Riklund, Umeå/Sweden

ECR 2020 Dignitaries

ESR Honorary Membership

Dante R. Casale Menier
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
Yi-Hong Chou
Taipei City, Taiwan/Chinese Taipei
Valerie P. Jackson
Tucson, AZ/USA

ESR Gold Medallists

Richard FitzGerald
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
Jim Reekers
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Katrine Riklund
Umeå, Sweden